The Hamilton House, Baltimore, Maryland

The Hamilton house, once on the outskirts of Baltimore, circa 1920.

My mother’s grandparents moved from Ohio’s farm country to a place called Hamilton on the outskirts of Baltimore in 1919 or 1920. My maternal grandmother was about five or six years old at the time. Continue reading


Willard Foster Fleagle, c. 1951

Willard Foster Fleagle, c. 1951.

Have I told you about my dad? You’ve seen him many times on this blog, but looking back it appears I’ve never given many details about his life. It’s no easy task to write succinctly about a parent or sibling and not feel as though one has failed to properly evoke the essence of their life. And my dad lived a long time – not long enough for any of us who survived him, but still long enough that Continue reading

Jean Ella (LeGall) Fleagle, 1922 – 2017

Jean Fleagle, 1940s.

My Aunt Jean passed away earlier this year at age 94. She was the aunt who was most closely involved with me and my siblings as we grew up in Bellevue, Washington, since she and Uncle Dick and my cousin Gary lived just a few miles away in Kirkland. My dad’s sisters back East, my blood relations Miriam and Vivian, came into my consciousness much later, but the west-coast ladies Continue reading