Nelle, Horace and Jennie

Nelle Stake, Horace Coffin, and Jennie Fleagle

Nelle Stake, Horace Coffin, and Jennie Fleagle

This photo of three of the Coffin siblings — the three that I actually met — came to me recently from the collection of my cousin Nancy. But I like how Nancy’s ex-husband, my cousin Don Stake, annotated this image, so I’ll turn it over to him. -mdf

This photo was probably taken by me at Horace’s house (a quadraplex owned by him) at 412 Veterans Blvd in Westwood CA. He desired that we call him “Dick”. The photo could have been taken in the fall of 1970 but more likely in 1972 because, before, we didn’t have a car big enough to carry so many people. If this was the case then the photo would have been taken on the weekend of Sept 9, 1972 because we had gathered there to attend the Nebraska/UCLA football game at the LA coliseum. It’s a bit hazy how we all got there but I remember that my Dad (Earl) was there along with my Mom (Nelle) and aunt Jennie and you, Nancy, with our three children. That would have been tight even for our big, new Chevy Caprice. Nebraska lost the game 17 – 20 on a last second field goal. The actor Mark Harmon was the quarterback for UCLA. Trivia details that we can’t seem to forget while I can’t remember Dick’s wife’s name.* On the other hand, did you notice in the photo that my Mom and aunt Jenny are sharing a single pair of white gloves? Sisters!”


UPDATE 8/1/2017: I’m not sure how I missed this, but there appears to have been a date (1964) and other information written on the back of this photo (see ‘About the physical photograph’ below). I found a PDF showing the reverse of the photo in the digital folder where I had the image. It’s hard to judge the decade from the photo alone when the three subjects were all born before the turn of an already aging century, but looking at this again it really does feel more like the 1960s than the ’70s. Still, I’ve left Don’s statements and musings in place hereabove, because they are interesting.

Image archive ID:

About the physical photograph:
Written on back (in what looks like Jennie’s hand)
“June 1964, Nelle – Horace – Jennie Fleagle
Los Angeles Calif
Horace back Yard”

*Nancy says Dick’s wife, not pictured here, was named Jessie and she died in 1977.


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