Reunion side trip, Michigan, 1946

A field trip at the Foster Cousins Reunion of 1946.

A field trip at the Foster Cousins Reunion of 1946 in Michigan.

I recently posted a photo taken at the 1946 Foster Cousins Reunion at Lake Higgins near Roscommon, Michigan. That photo portrayed almost everyone who attended. This one — another from my cousin Nancy — is most likely from one of the ‘field trips’ made to someplace away from the resort each day. On this occasion only a subset of the bunch (less than half) made the trip.

I could easily recognize my Aunt Vivian and my grandmother Jennie and Lydia Cochran, and I knew Uncle Horace partly by his profile and mostly by the position of his hands. But most of these faces were unfamiliar to me. Fortunately, Miriam was able to identify most of the folks, as indeed it was from her that we learned where and when the photo was taken:

“This was taken at the Foster Cousins Reunion probably on one of the field trips taken by the group when there — not taken at Carrie’s and Guy’s camp. My family and you [Nancy] are not there — at least not in the picture. They are: back row – Uncle Will Horton, maybe Aunt Luella, Albert Hickey; front row – George Barbour, Dick Johnson, behind Dick is Alice Hickey Johnson, Bea Horton, Charlie Hickey, Vera Horton, mom behind Vera and Glenn H, then Charlie McConlogue, Lois Hickey Behlen in front of Charlie, then Annie Hickey, Uncle Horace (you are right), Vivian and Lydia Cochran.”


Image archive ID:

About the physical photograph:
This is a photograph of a photograph.
Written on back of the original in cursive pen:
“Please return to Nell Stake
If any one wants one of these they are 5¢. I had it blown up from a 127 film negative. Mark on the back of this if you wish any.”
Watermark or light print pattern on backing: VELOX
From the collection of Nancy Stake-Reynolds.


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