On the sofa with Vicky, early 1963

Mom and Jeni with Vicky, our first dog.

Mom and Jeni with Vicky, our first dog.

Here’s a photo from within my lifetime, if only just. Here are my mother Barbara (Dowell) Fleagle, my sister Jenifer Carole Fleagle, and our dog Vicky as a puppy. It’s dated January 1963, which makes me less than a year old. Doubtless I’m just out of frame, hollering.

Vicky was our first family dog. I don’t remember her as a puppy at all, and it’s strange to see her so small. I also don’t remember how long she lived or what became of her. I do remember my sister looking a little like this because she grew more slowly (than the puppy). Later pictures show Vicky with her head in my lap in the driveway, and I remember being very attached to her.

I don’t know where this photo was taken. The sofa does not look familiar. – mdf

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“January 1963. Jeni & Vicky”


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