Fleagle cousins at Foster reunion, Michigan, 1946

Billy Fleagle, Georgene Barbour, Ben Fleagle, Vivian Fleagle, Wally Hickey at 1946 Fleagle family reunion in Michigan.

From left: Billy Fleagle, Georgene Barbour, Ben Fleagle, Vivian Fleagle, and Wally Hickey at 1946 Foster family reunion in Roscommon, Michigan.

This photo expands our list of surnames by two, for a Barbour and a Hickey enter the gallery for the first time here and they were cousins. In fact, this photo turns out to have been taken at the Foster family reunion in Roscommon, Michigan in 1946. My father’s full name was Willard Foster Fleagle. But since my cousin Nancy did all the sleuthing to find out who the two unknown faces are in response to my query, it seems fitting to give her the floor here. Nancy writes:

“Hello again, Matt, I had to do some sleuthing because even though I have two copies of this photo, nothing is written on the back of either. I knew it was taken in Michigan during a reunion though. And so, I checked out Christina’s book*, beginning on page 427, on the family reunion in Roscommon, Michigan, September 1946. I believe the girl is Georgene Barbour, daughter of Alberta and George… Check out the large family photo on the next page, the young lady in front row, 4th from the right, appears to be the one in the photo below.”

Again later:

“Hi Matt, just spoke with my mother and she confirmed she’s with Georgene in that photo. She has fond memories of that reunion. She also said, ‘Wally was my hero when I was a young girl — he sure was a handsome guy!'”

Vivian is the only one of the siblings in this photo still living at the time of this posting. I don’t know about Georgene Barbour. Pastor Wallace Hickey died in 2012. – mdf

*The Early families of Elbridge FOSTER and Jane FAIRWEATHER and their Descendants, by Christina Cochran and Claudia Cristina Carvajal, 2003.

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About the physical photograph:
Nothing written on back.


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