Postcard of Stake Drug Store, Adams, Nebraska

Only a month ago I said in a reply to a comment from my brother that maybe someday years from now someone from the Stake tribe would stumble on this blog and be able to fill in some details about the drug store that my (great) Uncle Earl ran in Adams, Nebraska. Just yesterday I was contacted by a cousin I’ve never met named Alison, who is Earl’s great granddaughter. She was searching the Internet for photos of the old family store when she found a reference to it in my post (here) and discovered the blog. As a result, she contacted her grandfather Bob, who is still very active as a university professor, and he was able to dig up and scan the postcard above.

Good old-fashioned sodas here. Stake Drug Store, Adams Nebraska. It burned in the 1990s.

Good old-fashioned sodas were once served here. Stake Drug Store, Adams Nebraska. It burned in the 1990s.

I had told my brother, and I repeat here, that my memory was vague regarding the precise location of the store but that Adams is basically a one-horse town. There are a few buildings on the main street, none of which — when viewed online via in the Google Street View tool — look like what I remember from our trip through there as kids in the back seat of the family car.

The answer to that puzzle was supplied by cousin Alison. She informed me that a fire had destroyed the building sometime in the 1990s. She also confirmed that Earl and Nelle lived not in Lincoln but right there in Adams, a few blocks from the store. Hopefully she’ll send more photos and information after a visit she’s planning to the Cornhusker State.

We visited “Uncle Earl and Aunt Nellie” just once (I think) on a trip across the country, and as kids we were charmed by the whole idea of the store. Uncle Earl sat us at the old-fashioned counter and gave us real sodas from the soda fountain. The old summer was hot and bright outside. We felt like kids in a book. – mdf

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Marks on reverse unknown. Image above is a scan made by Bob Stake of a postcard in his possession and sent via email.


3 thoughts on “Postcard of Stake Drug Store, Adams, Nebraska

  1. Brother,…don’t forget, we also each received from the hand of our Great-Uncle our first (and probably last) wooden Indian head coins. I had that coin in my cigar box of treasures for an eternity. The building front looks as I remember. Your description of memory fits too, with the bright summer sun on the bricks and the dark shade of the interior in contrast. What a relief from the hot sun, which being Washingtonians, we were relatively shy of.

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    • Ben, I do recall the coins. You mentioned them in your comment on the other post, too (you’re not getting enough sleep). But they weren’t really coins, were they? They were like a novelty souvenir, right? I thought the idea was a play on the old adage “don’t take any wooden nickels”. I think I remember Earl, or maybe Dad, explaining this saying to us. As for the store, I remember it being on the south side of a roughly east-west street. The photo supports this memory, as the north-facing front is shaded on a sunny day. Funny, even though I would have put it on the south side of the main drag, I don’t specifically recall the facade, as you do. I just remember the interior, and sitting at the counter.


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