Miriam Fleagle with sister-in-law and mother

Jennie (Coffin) Fleagle with her daughter Miriam (at left) and daughter-in-law Jane.

May 5, 1937. Jennie (Coffin) Fleagle with her daughter Miriam (at left) and daughter-in-law Jane.

By the time I came along, my Uncle Jim (James Lincoln Fleagle) had already married Aunt Evelyn, and to me they seemed an immutable familial unit without beginning, as all families appear to the very young. In fact Evelyn was Jim’s third wife, and because no one ever thought to sit me down in front of a chart of my aunts’ and uncles’ families, it was years before I realized that Jim and Evelyn had both been married before and it was only as I approached middle age that I began to realize who many of the people I called cousins actually were, and who they weren’t.

I know absolutely nothing about his first wife, Jane, but here she is standing in the sun with her mother-in-law, my “Granny”, Jennie V. (Coffin) Fleagle, and sister-in-law Miriam (now Linker), Jennie’s oldest daughter. If this photo had not turned up in my Aunt Miriam’s collection, I would not even know her name. I don’t believe the marriage resulted in any children (although I don’t know it for a fact) and this is the only photo of her I’ve seen.

The original notes on the back of the photo, apparently written long ago by Miriam or one of her siblings, say that Jane was 18 when Jim took this photograph. Other sources I’ve found suggest Jane’s maiden name was Quinan, that she was born in Baltimore, and that she and Jim married sometime around 1936, the year before this photo was taken.

No location is given, but it makes sense that this would be the house on Walstan Avenue in Reisterstown where Jennie and James raised their children, and it looks like it could very well be. – mdf

Image archive ID:

About the physical photograph:
Written on back:
“Jane, Mom, and Mim
May 5, 1937
Taken by Jim
Jane – 18
Mim – 17”
Mim supplied info, next to “Jane – 18” Mardi wrote in pencil:
“Jim’s 1st wife”


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