Carrie, Jennie and James

From right to left: James Ezra, his wife Jennie, and his sister Carrie.

From right to left: James Ezra, his wife Jennie, and his sister Carrie.

There was no date, location or even any names on this photograph when my Aunt Miriam and I and her daughter Mardi started going through her old photographs, so we don’t know where this was taken or when, but it’s a photo of my grandparents, Jennie V. (Coffin) and James Ezra Fleagle, with James’ sister Carrie May (Fleagle) Bay. James died in 1951.

I think this is an unusually appealing image. The exposure is perfect, the subjects beautifully touched by the light. They aren’t smiling, but I believe photographs were thought of back then as austere events that warranted the respect of a solemn expression. Still, it’s not a formal studio pose; it’s relaxed, and it feels to me very immediate. If this trio were smiling (they kind of are, just a little), and if the photo were taken from just a bit closer — like a “selfie” — it would seem like these three were regarding us in the present moment, instead of from more than a half century ago. – mdf

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“Carrie (Fleagle) Bay, Jennie V. (Coffin) Fleagle, James Ezra Fleagle”


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