Dick and Jean Fleagle visit Linkers with infant Gary

Dick and Jean Fleagle with infant Gary, Miriam Fleagle with sons Jim and Robin.

Dick and Jean Fleagle with infant Gary, Miriam Fleagle with sons Jim and Robin.

I can’t be sure, but I think this photo was taken in the driveway next to my Uncle Freddie and Aunt Miriam’s house in Pikesville, Maryland. Richard Fleagle and his wife Jean E. (LeGall) Fleagle are visiting Dick’s sister Miriam (now Miriam Linker) from Seattle with their infant son Victor Gary, my cousin Gary, whom Dick seems to have just passed to Jean. No date is given, but another photo taken obviously at the same time was printed in July 1954, so this is likely the winter of ’53-’54.

It’s refreshing in this age of easy-come-easy-go digital photography, where another shot can be taken immediately if someone blinks or “isn’t ready” or otherwise looks not quite at their best, to see a photo where what happened during the film’s exposure is what gets preserved for all time. Here Miriam’s second oldest boy, Robin, is unable to keep facing the blazing winter sun without putting his forearm up to shield his eyes. It appears as though Miriam is in the middle of an attempt to move his arm, or grab him by the ear, or strangle him in an effort to induce him to be more photogenic. Jimmie Linker is the older boy to the left.

I expect other pictures from this moment exist somewhere. Dick is holding a camera whose case has been opened. – mdf

Image archive ID:

About the physical photograph:
Written on the back:
“When Dick & Gary were in Pikesville”
Mim supplied info, mdf wrote:
“Dick & Jean Fleagle w/infant Gary. Jim and Robin Linker, Miriam Linker”


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