In strong arms

Here’s a fun pair of images; two shots of a similar pose but separated by several decades. I have no idea where either was taken. In the first, my grandfather James Ezra Fleagle holds his first (I think) grandson, my cousin Jimmie Linker. In the second, my father Willard, the youngest child of James Ezra, holds my sister Jenifer Carole.

James with his grandson James.

James with his grandson James, around 1943.

Willard with his daughter Jenifer, probably summer 1962.

Willard with his daughter Jenifer, maybe late 1961 but more likely early 1962.

There is no reason to think there was any repeat photography going on here or any intentionality in the similarity of the photos. It’s just a happy happenstance. It made me smile. – mdf

Image archive ID:
Top image: 20141206-017__james_and_jim
Bottom image: 20141206-006_willard_jeni

About the physical photographs:
Top photo:
Written on back:
“James Fleagle & Grandson Jimmy Linker”
[Photo has been cut so words are truncated.]
Mim supplied info, mdf wrote:
“circa 1943
James Ezra Fleagle
holding grandson
Jimmie Linker”

Bottom photo:
Written on back:
“Bill & Jeni”


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