James Ezra and granddaughter Suzanne, 1951

James Ezra and his first biological granddaughter, Susan.

James Ezra Fleagle and his granddaughter, Suzanne Carol Fleagle.

This is a picture of my grandfather James Ezra Fleagle with my first cousin Suzanne Fleagle. Sue is the daughter of my Uncle Jim (James Lincoln Fleagle) and I think her mother was Jim’s second wife Geraldine Walker.

There are several notes on the back. One says “Mt. Ranier [sic] 1951”, and another says “Dad lived 4 weeks after we left Seattle for Md.” A more recent note refers to Sue as James Ezra’s first granddaughter. This recent note was written by me, while I sat labeling my Aunt Miriam’s photos with her and her daughter, my cousin Martha. But it can’t be right. Miriam’s own first daughter Rebecca (Miriam Rebecca Linker) was born in 1939, seven years before Sue was born. And my cousin Nancy, Aunt Vivian’s daughter, is Sue’s senior by almost two years. I’m not sure how all of us could have got that wrong.

James Ezra was out west visiting his oldest son’s family when this was taken. He would die in October of that year. I asked cousin Sue about this. “I understand he and our grandmother made the trip so that he could meet me,” she says. “When they returned to the east coast it was only days before he died. I was always told he had two plans for the trip, to meet his oldest child’s first offspring and to see Mt Rainier.” For this reason alone I cherish this image. What better thing could there be in the world than living long enough to meet a grandchild? – mdf

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About the physical photograph:
Written on the back:
“Mt. Ranier 1951”
“Dad lived 4 weeks after we left Seattle for Md.”
Mim supplied info, mdf wrote:
“James Ezra Fleagle with his first granddaughter, Susan.” [incorrect — surely not his first granddaughter, and although we’ve always called her Susan, she tells me her legal name is Suzanne]


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