Bill Fleagle in uniform


Willard Foster Fleagle.

This is my father, Willard Foster Fleagle, in his U.S. Army uniform. No date is given but I suppose this was taken around 1950. Across the front of the photograph my father has written: “For a great friend Love Bill”, a message to an early, unknown recipient of the photo. The photo was given to me by his sister, my Aunt Miriam. I don’t know how long she had had it or how it found her way to her, though she is the keeper of many old family photos. – mdf

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About the physical photograph:
Written in pen on front:
“For a great friend Love Bill”


3 thoughts on “Bill Fleagle in uniform

  1. Recently heard from an old girlfriend. She was missing our Dad. She had just had an up front and personal encounter with her own father and was not any better for it. She remembers Dad as having “claimed her” in his actions and delight in her company, quite apart from my attachment to her. In her mind, he was her “Dad” too and the only one that ever felt that way to her. That was Dad. He loved you for what you were, not what you would be or would like to be.


  2. True that, and thanks for sharing that thought here. I’m sorry that your old friend didn’t have a dad like ours — and apparently continues to have unsatisfying experiences in that quarter — but I’m glad ours was so expansive in his fatherly ministrations. Funny you mention this because your friend is not the only person who has expressed a similar affection for our Willard recently, and for similar reasons. I’m not at liberty to give names, but Dad was a gentle man who truly liked people, and that went far with some who had been disenfranchised by their own fathers.


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