Colonial Park from the air

View from the east.

Aerial view of the Colonial Park house from the east.

This is the house at Colonial Park as seen from the air. Benjamin Fleagle Jr. (my great grandfather) and his son Benjamin Edward (my great uncle, older brother of my grandfather James Ezra) moved their families here when Benjamin Jr. sold the farm at Mayberry. It became the family seat, as it were. The older Benjamin lived there until he died. It remained in the younger Benjamin’s possession until 1946. My aunt Miriam, who remembers being at the house many times to see her Uncle Ben and Aunt Fanny (her father James had established himself in Reisterstown), took me to see it when I visited Baltimore in 1992. The house was still occupied and, we thought, thriving at that time. It has since been torn down.

View from the north.

View from the north.

View from the south.

View from the south.

View from the west.

View from the west.

Another view from the west.

Another view from the west.

I captured these images from the Microsoft Bing utility sometime in 2014. I believe that the house was already demolished by that time. About the same time I took these screenshots, I took screenshots of the street level view in Google Street View, and it is plain in those photos that the house is boarded up.

When I and my Aunt Miriam drove out there in October 2014, there was nothing but an empty field and a ‘no trespassing’ sign that the government had posted there. Just outside the frame of these views to the west, the Social Security Administration’s headquarters complex has been slowly growing and encroaching on the Colonial Park neighborhood for years. The government has apparently finally bought the land that all these houses sat on. The white house visible across the street in the last photo is also gone.

It is not surprising that the neighborhood languished and died. It was originally designed to be an exclusive neighborhood, but it was cut off by the freeways and major highways that grew up around its edges, and the SSA’s expansion has finally claimed it completely. – mdf


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