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Willard Fleagle, Jeni Fleagle, and the pianos

Dad in 1983 “working on the action”.

My father rebuilt pianos. He restored them completely inside and out, both uprights and grands, from the bridges and the dampers to the cabinet and finish. He put new felts on the hammers and spent hours softening them up to get the proper sound out of them; he rebuilt the action with painstaking craftsmanship, sometimes Continue reading

Not even the stones: Fleagle graves at Uniontown’s old St. Lucas Cemetery

Fleagle graves at the old St. Lucas Cemetery off Trevanion Road in Uniontown, June 2017.

The problem with trying to memorialize our ancestors, or any aspect of any particular human life, is that most of the means we have of doing so run counter to the natural way of things. It is the desire of the world generally, the earth in particular, to forget what has gone before and Continue reading

Tricksie’s ears: Grandpa James at the brand new Roosevelt Dam

What else could they be?

I never met my grandfather James Ezra but I can tell you three true things about him — traits I share with him — just from having examined some of the many photographs that he took, and were taken of him, during his lifetime. He had a desire for adventure, he liked to record personal and family events for handing down to posterity, and he had a sense of humor. Continue reading

Willard Foster Fleagle, c. 1951

Willard Foster Fleagle, c. 1951.

Have I told you about my dad? You’ve seen him many times on this blog, but looking back it appears I’ve never given many details about his life. It’s no easy task to write succinctly about a parent or sibling and not feel as though one has failed to properly evoke the essence of their life. And my dad lived a long time – not long enough for any of us who survived him, but still long enough that Continue reading